If you are in love with the sea, but live in the city, Béton Ciré is the thing that you need to buy. Inspired by the Bretagne region seaside, the brand shifts the traditional sailorman hats to the city, making them more streetwear. I talked to the founder of the brand Amelie and felt the real spirit of the French seaside at the Premiere Classe trade show in Paris.
Béton Ciré FW17 collection
Béton Ciré FW17 collection / @betonxcire

When did you launch your brand? And what is your main concept?

I have launched the brand 3 years ago, in 2013. At the beginning I had only one shape of hats, which is called Miki. It is a traditional sailorman hat that you can find in the Bretagne region, next to the Biscay Sea. It doesn’t cover your ears, you can listen to the wind and you will not lose your hat, as it has no visor.

The idea was to bring this in the streets. We would like to make it more streetwear by adding the button on the top of the hat to make it more like a cap. We have also put the leather strap to make it more high-end. All our caps are made by hat makers in France.

What can you say about your new collection?

Since two seasons there is a new shape. This is a fisherman hat that covers your ears when it rains. Now we also have bob and beret shapes. All my collections are inspired by the sea and the Bretagne region, as soon as the part of my family lives there. The main idea is to have a mix between sea and streets.

Béton Ciré Chalutier Black / @betonxcire
Béton Ciré Chalutier Black / @betonxcire

Do you make any collaborations?

This season I made my first collaboration with the brand Minime. Here you can find my shape of the hat and special fabrics that glow in the dark. It was the first step to Béton Ciré to have a real felt hat.

Soon I will have one more collaboration with the brand Maison Château Rouge. This collaboration is inspired by the fishermen from Dakar and we selected 3 colors of wax that were matching with the colors of the fishermen boats from Dakar. Wax is the main fabric that Maison Château Rouge uses.

Your brand is presented in more than 15 countries. Are you planning to include Russia in the list?

I used to sell in CODE7 in Moscow, but not anymore, unfortunately. Once I was in Moscow, it was February and nobody was walking in the street. It was so cold! But I loved the city. Maybe you just need to wear something warmer?

Béton Ciré Timeless collection / @betonxcire
Béton Ciré Timeless collection / @betonxcire