Being the pioneer in the field of e-commerce Move Shop is confidently moving forward and creates new technological approach to sales, presenting the new concept for the Italian and European market.

I talked to the owner of the store Fabio Lentella and found out how Verona based store rocks the sneaker scene.

Could you start from the very beginning and tell me about the story of MOVE shop, about your first steps?

Our story begins in 2002. We opened our firts store here, in Verona, but previously we had another location that was a little bit smaller. I can say that the main thing that we did already in 2002 was to open the online store tohether with the physical one. So, we were doing e-commerce right in those times, although it was hard.

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This was a huge step forward.

Previously we had stores in Milan, Rome and Ferrara, but decided to concentrate more on our online sales and closed all our stores (except the flagship store in Verona) in 2011. Two years later we decided to change our location. We redesigned layout and image of the store, as well as our website. We decided to concentrate more on sneakers segment and on our own label that was started in 2014.

I would say that we are already recognized at the Italian market. And we are considered to be one of the historic streetwear stores in Italy. Now we are also spreading to the European market and ship worldwide. We are making a lot of collaborations as well– for example, in September with Alife.

Collab with Alife is a great thing to do!

Yes, we will have more collabs, but now it is a secret.

Do you ship to Russia?

Now we have few orders from Russia. For example, when we have releases, mainly it concerns the sneaker segment. I can say that Russian market is developing and becoming stronger.

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Tell me more about your concept.

We wanted to become more international, to reach the new global level. 10 years ago the streetwear market was not that big as it is now, when it’s hard to distinguish whether it is fashion or street. Now everything is mixed up. So there is a need to make a new high level, new image and new concept vision that should be really well done in order to remain on the market. This t
hing is very important. So, we have made our image more clean in order to become competitive on the global level.

Move store can be situated in Paris, Berlin, Tokyo, in any city of the world. We are always looking for another level of representing the streetwear, more clean and organized. And we are always connected to technology.

We have our own app for iOS and Android. There you can find the description of the products. All the highlights, new arrivals, you can choose and buy all the items presented in the app. In our store we also have iPads and a big screen outside the store. We are one of the main Nike accounts in Italy and they made the presentation about our technological approach to sales.

What is the streetwear for you?

It is hard to define the streetwear nowadays as it is connected to fashion, sport. But for me the streetwear takes its rise and its authenticity in the street. This is something that is connected with the street notion through art, music or design. Now everything and everyone is streetwear. But for me it should come out of the street culture.

Processed with VSCO with hb1 presetThe definition is perfect, I think.

Well, this is my idea. Everything is the stretwear nowadays. But still some of the realities are not streetwear. This is only the word that everybody uses.

Why MOVE? Does it mean something?

This is just the name that we liked. Move means the movement, the development.

What about your team?

Me and my partner are here from the very beginning. We made a great job and of course there are a lot of people that were with us as well. Some guys work with Move for 5, 6 or 7 years. Now obviously we have new people in our team. We are split in two groups, let’s say so. There are people responsible for in-store sales and those who make all the back office work: design, marketing, etc. We are in 17 persons now. And we are a great team. That is for sure.

You have a lot of competitors?

There are a lot of stores that have streetwear, but some of them are more connected to skateboarding, others – to sport, others – to fashion. That is why I can say that our real competitors are online.

So, you are quite unique in this segment. Do you have some limited editions or special releases?

The thing that is very unique is our own label Move. And the other brand that is also ours – Golden Age. What concerns limited editions and releases, we have Jordan Retro, Kendrick Lamar x Reebok, we had Rihanna x Puma as well. All these models are not so unique, but they were presented in our store, that means a lot.

Nike Air Uptempo were exclusively available in Move Shop
Nike Air Uptempo were exclusively available in Move Shop

Could you tell me more about your previous collabs? Did you make some collabs with graffiti artists?

We made a collaboration with 5950 New Era cap. We also made a collaboration with the graffiti artist from Milan Luca Barcelona.

What new brands will be in store soon?

We will have Kappa, Ellesse, The North Face Red Label (we already have it in store) and Staple Pigeon.

Do you make some in-store events?

We have made an event with Ginnika from Rome here in Verona. It was with all the sneakers for Ginnika and aperitivo in our srore. We also make launch parties.

Big screen outside the store where you can choose the product and buy it
Big screen outside the store where you can choose the product and buy it immediately

By the way the next year your store will be 15 years old. Will you make a great party?

Yes, that is for sure. We made a big party for our previous 10 years anniversary. So, the next year we will make something bigger.

One more question will be about your favorite Verona spot.

I can advice Vncbrg. This place is not touristic. And the atmosphere is very Berlin. It’s all about house and techno music, small but very underground place. To tell the truth, I really like Berlin, but can’t live there because there is no sea.

Could you advice an outfit for this autumn including your favorite pieces?

As a silhouette of the sneakers I would choose Nike Football boots. I was always crazy about Jordan, but today I would choose MagistaX Proximo. The next thing is The North Face Red Label Mountain Baldir Triclimate Inner Jacket that is super techwear and at the same time very fashionable. I would also choose Stussy Velour Crew sweatshirt, Amish jeans and G-Shock x Futura.

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