Gildas Loek (former manager of Daft Punk) and Masaya Kuroki (Japanese architect) combines Kitsune’ music with fashion (the record company and the fashion house) by creating a special space for creative people. The café attracts with its daily simplicity and its cheerful atmosphere people of all classes and ages. It’s a good place for a cup of coffee and good music.

The first café Kitsune’ was inaugurated in Tokyo, Japan, and then in Paris, France (opened January 17, 2014).

It is a beautiful and welcoming place, with a very simple and elegant design. The cafe is located near the Maison Kitsune’ store itself at the picturesque royal gardens / Palais Royal of the seventeenth century in 51 Galerie de Montpensier.

The coffee shop offers a good selection of coffee, juices and tea (I recommend to try the delicious tea latte) and a small selection of muffins, cakes and cookies in the shape of cockerels. Additionally, at the bar there are some branded accessories (pens, notebooks, pins, bags, iPhone cases, Kitsune’ music collections, etc.)

Despite the large number of visitors, this place is very small but also very cozy and quiet at the same time,. You can stay and chat with the friendly bartender or sit in the royal gardens by taking your coffee with you. The coffee shop is very popular among young Parisians (and not only).