Ordynka 17 is one of the few shops that you will look forward to visit again and again, not only for the excellent selection of Russian brands, but also for the good atmosphere.

Xenia and Stas, a young couple, opened their cosy and stylish shop in the centre of Moscow. They told me about how not to be afraid to start a new business from zero and how to teach Russian buyers to get used to excellent service.

Tell me about the idea of setting up a shop.

Xenia: We are now in a building built in1860, in the centre of Moscow. We found the room last year in October, and opened the store in January 2016 by maintaining the authenticity of the building: iron pipes, which are still working, and brick walls.

The idea came from Stas. We never dealt with sales and we had no experience in retail before. We were office clerks, but the idea of owning our own business never let us go. It motivated us a lot. I have to say it was difficult to leave our stable earning jobs, especially for Stas, who held a senior position. But we risked and do not regret it.

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Xenia and Stas together in the store

Stas: First of all we would like to take our customer service to the next level. By traveling around the world, we realized that the visit to the store could make people feel better. We wanted to do the same in Moscow. The story about bored sales assistants not knowing their product range is not about us. People come to our shop not only to buy clothes, but also to spend time in good company with cup of coffee. We are almost always present in the store, and 90% of the visitors come back to us again.

How do you choose the brands?

Xenia: We started to look for brands that approached our concept, with an emphasis on minimalism. We went to St. Petersburg and there we met designers, including Nelly from NNedre. At the beginning we represented also the men’s clothing line, but abandoned this idea step by step. Women’s clothes are most popular on the Russian market.

Ordynka 17 cosy store
Inside the store

Stas: Unfortunately, many people aren’t getting it. Many times, buyers are surprised by the price tag: they find it too cheap, or on the contrary too expensive.

What can you say about your target customers?

Stas: There are different types of visitors. People gets scared, frightened, when we offer a cup of coffee or want to help in clothes choice. Our goal is to improve our service and offer really good quality assistance.

Xenia: We are located next to the house of Akhmatova, a shop for artists. It means visitors are mostly creative people. We are very happy about it. We are glad about each customer and try to do everything to make people come back again. For example, we just put the terminal in order to facilitate payments. After all, visitors come back not only because of a certain brand, but also because of the service.

Do foreigners come to your shop?

Xenia: Recently, an Italian visited us. He took a ring for his beloved. He knew that his girlfriend loves jewelry from Velichenko Jewellery Studio and found our shop that represents this brand.

What brands are you representing at the moment?

Xenia: At the moment we are representing Nnedre, Cyrille Gassiline, Maybe, Buttermilk Garments, INDUMENTUM, Ashé, Mellow, SashYou, Velichenko Jewellery Studio for accessories and other. All represented clothes are of a middle price range. Our goal is to sell high-quality stylish clothes at affordable prices.

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Do you think that Russian designers should get into the international market?

Stas: Yes, it makes sense. Russian designers theme is developing actively. In fact, many multi-brand stores in our country sell now Russian clothes. It serves as a base for further growth.

I wish there were more local stores with their unique concept. We projected ourselves precisely this goal and are developing in this direction. In the future, we plan to enter the Asian market. For now, we are claiming our name in Russia.

Opening party funny pics
Opening party pics

Tell me about your plans for the future.

Stas: We are working on an online store, which will be launched soon. We are planning to keep developing our concept and look for interesting designers. We are committed to excellent service and further growth.

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Bolshaya Ordynka 17/1, Moscow, Russia