One of the stores that I visited during my trip to Berlin was a skateboard shop called Titus. It is a really big store in the heart of Berlin near to the Alexanderplatz with a huge skateboarding pool right in the center of the store. It was cool to talk to the store manager Brian and find out more about the place.

Hi, Brian! You know, unfortunately, I didn’t find that much information about your store in English.

We do not have a huge chapter about our history on website yet. But I can tell you everything that you want to know.

That’s great! So, let’s start with the history.

Titus for sure has a skateboarding background. It was founded in the late 1970s by Titus Didman, a pioneer of the German skateboarding scene.

He opened his first skateshop in Münster and then decided to expand the wholesale to an enterprise network. So, now Titus owns 17 stores, four outlets and 15 franchise areas. We do also have an online shop.

Wow! You have great history. And what can you tell about the Berlin store?

Well, this is our second location since January, 2012. At first we were right around the corner, from 2001 to 2012, but then decided to change the place.

You have only one store in Berlin?

We have 2 stores. The second one – Titus Zoopreme – is situated at Meinekestraße, 2. This location is very nice. It is easy to reach for all the berliners and tourists.

Do you support some skateboarding teams?

We have our own team Titus. Every our store has its own team. And of course we do support some skaters and other teams as well.

Do you have some in-store events?

Yes, we have a lot of! The last year we did around 8 events. Usually they are like beer, barbeque, music and pro skaters, of course. There is also a couple of events coming up this year as well.

Skateboarding nowadays has become really fashionable. How did it influence your sales?

Oh yes, it has. Thrasher, for example, is growing really big. We sell t-shirts mostly for women and people who are not into skateboarding, let’s say so. There is also Palace and some other stuff that people like very much. And of course our sales increased because of this worldwide trend.

Do you have some Russian clients?

Yes, we do. In-store and online. We sell and ship worldwide, as we are a big company. Moreover, my Russian friend Dmitri works in our Zoopreme store in Berlin. He is a skater too.

That’s great! Could you also pick up some of your favorite items and make an outfit?

Let me think. So, vans shoes for sure. I would choose white ones. I am a simple guy and like blank clothes. My choice will be levi’s t-shirt, nothing printed as well. And Dickies pants!

Levi’s t-shirt, Rip N Dip cap, Vans Authentic shoes, Dickies Original 874 pants, Primitive Skateboard deck

Great. Thank you! So, now I am wearing this outfit and where should I go to chill and have some beer? Can you advice something not that touristic to visit in Berlin?

That’s a good question. It’s really difficult to find a place that is not touristic in Berlin. But I would recommend you to visit Kreuzberg and Prinz-Albrecht district. There is a couple of great bars. Check it out.