It is always interesting to find something new, especially when it concerns new brands and creative people. Travelling around Europe and discovering new places was one the reasons to start series of interviews devoted to street wear and culture all over the world.

Today I will focus on London and a young brand called Polly. It was founded in 2016 but still it already has the unique identity and a lot of ideas.

Polly Clothing is a streetwear, street style and lifestyle fashion brand that is centered around youth culture and has the potential to create something extremely new in the world of street wear.

I talked to the founder of the brand George and found out why Polly put the kettle on.

Hi George! Let us know more about you and your brand. How did you choose the name and what does it mean?

We are Polly Clothing, a new street wear & lifestyle brand from London, UK started by young creatives for the youth culture of today.

This won’t be the coolest reason you’ve heard all day but our name came about due to my mum’s nickname being “Polly” and the phrase “Polly Put The Kettle On” (PPTKO) It is a very British saying and it goes well with the branding of our clothing line.

Oh that’s very interesting! So, why did you choose to make clothes and why did you choose exactly this style?

I’ve always been crazily into fashion, my sister is a designer and I’ve grown up with massive influences in street and urban style. Therefore, I’ve always wanted to be involved in fashion, and what is cooler than making clothes and seeing people looking fly wearing your creations?

I’ll never make something that I wouldn’t wear myself and my inspiration comes from trends and designs from the 80s-90s and fusing them with todays trends.

What are the main items in your collections?

We are a new company and we currently have 2 t-shirt designs, a cap and a sweater (my current favorite). We also have a coach jacket and hoodie being introduced to the range later in the year.

Once we’re up on our feet and made a name for ourselves, we will be dropping new items in seasons rather than just throughout the year.

And what about the quality?

We produce most of our clothing in the UK using high quality cotton for every item. I’d never want to sell half assed low quality rubbish so quality or materials and products is a big thing for me.

Do you have a team?

Currently I’ve set up everything by myself with some help from my dad (thank god for parents) and a few of my best mates chipping in when they can! I always like doing stuff by myself, less hassle and less places for things to mess up.

What is your inspiration? What brands and styles? According to you, what is the key factor of success?

I have so many inspirations. I just wear what I think is cool, even if others don’t and most of the time I look pretty damn cool.

Like I said before, 80s and 90s fashion plays a big part in my life and further down the line I can’t wait to create some crazy designs for clothing.

I look to the likes of supreme, palace, etc. not specifically for their designs but rather that the way they market their products. Limited lines and top quality materials make them both a sought after thing and both have a cult, following which is where I want to drive my brand, just with different design ideas.

Now there are a lot of streetwear brands on the market. What are the peculiarities that only your brand has?

Aside from having top designs and quality clothing, our brand is a part of a lifestyle, not just clothes that you wear. We want to create a community of like-minded individuals that see our brand as a supplier to their lifestyle as well as looking cool as f*ck!

Do you have a store or you sell only online?

Currently we have a website where you can buy our clothes and we have just partnered up with a multi brand store called ‘Tinted Fashion’ which will be launching next mont. Exciting times ahead!

What about the prices?

Our prices are fair without being so low that they don’t represent the quality of products. Tees are £21-£23 (~2000 rub), caps £20 (~1700 rub) and jumpers £35 (~3000 rub).

Do you want to develop your brand on Russian market? If yes, how do you see it?

Yes, this is a big aim of mine, I don’t want to just stop at the UK market but get the brand known worldwide, especially in Russia where they have the sickest style! I can see it now, dudes wearing my PPTKO jumper sipping on vodka out of a teacup.

Haha, that’s a good idea! So, how do you see the future of your brand?

Personally I never do anything with less than 120% commitment. I have a massively addictive personality, so whether it’s cars/photography/gaming to name a few, I put everything into it. Therefore I wouldn’t have made such a big move to create a clothing line without knowing deep down that I knew it was going to make it work.

I have no idea how long it will take, but it will happen. I have so many ideas that I want to do such as new clothes, videos, lookbook shoots and a big old launch party. I’m also really interested in collaborating with my friends that DJ, dance, play music, etc. I love a good collab.

And what is your main goal?

My main short-term goal is to become recognized within the streetwear scene and for people to look at us as a top brand and create a following. My long term goals are to have a big line, the coolest lookbook you’ve ever seen, collaborate with other big clothing names and travel the world doing crazy shit with my clothing line. What more could you ask for?