Near the Zingari Square of Monti area (five minutes from the Coliseum) is located one of the most interesting concept stores in Rome: Suede. It combines clothes, shoes, culture and street art by offering an excellent selection of brands for men and women.

Suede Store has two stores, located next to each other: Via dei Serpenti 127 and Via degli Zingari 58.

The store was founded in 2012 as a continuation of the first sneaker store in Rome: Beaverton. Suede has expanded its space by providing a platform not only for shoes (basic and main themes of the store), but also for young designers, exhibitions, DJ sets and all kinds of events in art / films / photos of Rome street life.

I came to know about the shop Suede thanks to Giacomo Riccardo, owner of Mobysneakers blog.

I can say it has a good selection of shoes and clothing. We must emphasize that Suede is launching its own brand (calculated as a tourist). I was not an exception, and I received a T-shirt with the print ” ROMAance ” as a gift from Giacomo.

Another advantage of my visit to the store was the purchase of the limited edition Reebok Insta Pump Fury “Celebrate” shoes.

Thank you Suede Store and ci vediamo a Roma!